Our institution originated from our quest to help Fiji’s exam-sitting students to pass their exams. Soon after 2020 COVID-19 restrictions schools were closed down by the government where thousands of students missed out heavily in the coverage of their learning materials. We believe this was a lifetime loss for the students. Hence, a small group of us got together and planned how to fill this huge gap created by the COVID-19 closure of schools. We decided to make sure there were options open for students to receive quality instructions that would fill that gap and enable them to pass their exams with the best marks.

Now that TELS requirement has increased from 200 marks to 250 marks out of four subjects, and likewise, the entry requirements into the Universities have also increase, this additional efforts from our students is necessary. Our students should not be deprived of their rightful educations as a result of this change.

We know that Fijian students have a deep-rooted desire to score the best marks to progress in life. Pacific Tutorial School (our trade name) will do exactly that – the School will provide the much needed learning options to our students to be right at the top of the ladder and score the best marks. Our teachers and tutors will prepare our students to attain admission requirements for entry into the Universities in Fiji and abroad.


Our vision is to establish and provide the best learning opportunities to our Fijian students and to enable them to pass their exams with the best possible scores. All our potential students should achieve the admission requirements into tertiary institutions of their choice. We wish to enable our future generations to obtain high quality degrees, diplomas and certificates from any tertiary institution they choose and make Fiji a literate, high skilled and proficient society.


The Pacific Tutorial School will ensure quality educational experiences to our students and support them to successfully complete their high school education. Our mission is to enable all our potential students to score top marks and receive admission into the best Universities of their choice. We shall aspire to provide Fijian students with the best quality tutorials and learning materials to gain additional marks and qualify to enter tertiary institutions like USP, FNU, UniFiji or any University in the world.


Our business is driven by our mission and vision and shall not fall short of our values. Our values are akin to the precious human values that motivate people to serve humanity and bring the best outcomes for the society. These values define the mindset to serve our students and the society as a whole. We motivate our teachers to own and cherish the responsibility of building a productive, conscientious and peaceful society. The following are the pillars of our organizational values:

  • Integrity – We strive to provide the best interactive learning environment possible that fosters ethics and good behaviour in our student;
  • Diversity and happiness – We strive to create real multi-racial learning community for our students to foster diverse values, goals, and spiritual knowledge;
  • Life-Long Learning – Our Students will be encourage to be independent thinkers and learners to strive for their personal growth and academic progress;
  • Technology – We shall strive to use the best technologies available to enhance our instructional facilities to prepare our students for success;
  • Learning Environment – We shall provide the best learning experience for the students through inter-personal interactions, availability of materials and self-driven learning;
  • Student Success – The success of our Students shall be our primary objective;Excellence in Delivery– Our Tutors and teachers shall provide the best to prepare our students to score the highest marks possible.

Support Staff & Our Team

Qualified. Dependable. Trusted. Our tutors are real people you can rely on for help 24/7. 

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Sunil Kumar

Director – Pacific Education and Consultancy (PTE) Ltd

Rajendra Singh

Member of the Order of Fiji

Rina Kumar

Pacific Education and Consultant

Shammi Narayan Kumar

PEC Fiji Consultant

List of Teachers


  1. Vishal Chand, BA (Accounting and Economics); M.Com (Economics)
  2. Vinita Lata, BSc (Mathematics and Biology) + GCED 
  3. Imtiaz Mohammed, BA (English and Social Studies), Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching
  4. Manjula Singh, BA (Accounting) and Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching
  5. Ashna Prakash B.Sc (Mathematics and Physics)
  6. Sabina Maramaniqio, BA (Agriculture)
  7. Vandana V. Nath, MA (English, Language Literature)
  8. Vinesh Kumar Mistry, BA (Acc. And Econ), USP; (Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching)
  9. Rohit Chand, B.Sc (Mathematics; Physics)
  10. Manisha Gounder, B.Sc (Mathematics), GCED 
  11. Kanta Narayan, BA (Economics and Geography) GCED  
  12. Akashni  Chandra, BA GCED (Literature and Language) – English & Hindi (PGD in Lit)
  13. Rachna Rikha Chand, BA (Accounting and Economics), GCED
  14. Senimili Bainivalu Reddy B.Sc. (Biology and Chemistry), GCED
  15. Rohit Chand B.Sc. (Mathematics and Physics) PG Certificate in Ed., PG in Physics

Rina Kumar (Mrs.)

Master of Education - TESOL (USQ – 2002)
Bachelor of Education – Education &Language/Literature (USP – 1989)
Certificate in Guidance and Counselling (USP – 2002)
Mobile: (679) 9269789
Postal Address: P O Box 994, Nadi, Fiji
Residence: Nadi Back Road, Nadi, Fiji

A qualified teacher/lecturer/administrator, experience and dedicated with passion in disseminating knowledge. Has been a secondary school teacher/student counselor 1987-1999, lecturer at Fiji College of Advanced Education (1999-2002) and tutor at USP (2002-2011), IELTS Examiner (2002 – 2009), Programme Manager - ESL (2011-2015) at FNU, Campus Coordinator at FNU Namaka Campus (2011-2015), lecturer Language and Literature Dept. FNU (2015- to date).

Experience and dedication in business, as a Director of Bluelight Village Hotel PTE. Ltd. Nadi; Kaushila Holdings PTE Ltd. Nadi; and Pacific Education & Consultancy PTE Ltd.  Events organiser - Function, meetings; conferences; decorations and family events.

Others: Secretary of Nadi Chamber of Commerce

Philosophy - Keep in mind to live with less. Skills and talents must be identified and these determine one’s survival.

‘Where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high…’ Rabindranath Tagore

My interpretation of this is, be a man of righteousness. Life surely will be without fear, and boldly walk with your head held high.

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Rajendra Singh (Mr.) (MA, PGDE, B.Ed)

Rajendra Singh (Mr.) (MA, PGDE, B.Ed)
Member of the Order of Fiji
Commissioner for Oaths of the High Court of Fiji
Mobile: (679) 9249098
Postal: P. O. Box 9055, Nadi Airport, Fiji
Nationality: Fiji Citizen, Residnce: Lot 10, Lakeba Crescent, Nasoso, Nadi, Fiji Islands

Dedicated, experienced, respected, celebrated and decorated educational leader, with over forty-five years of varied experiences and exemplary service in Fiji. He has served in leadership roles as National President of Fiji Head Teachers Association, Chair of District Red Cross Branch, Chairman of Road Safety Council and also as District Scout Commissioner and Leaders Trainer.

He has well-developed computer and communication skills. His literary contributions include being the Author and Publisher of his book “Primary Education in Fiji: A guide for Effective Leadership” (2010) and has written a number of official circulars and delivered keynote addresses during a wide range of forums, including national conferences, training sessions and official functions. He has been the editor/producer of a number of school magazines and newsletters.

He has extensive experience with delivering training, monitoring and assessment of a number of donor funded projects and programmes.


Commissioner for Oaths of the High Court of Fiji             -2017
FNU Alumni Milestone Achiever Award                            -2015
Member of the Order of Fiji                                                -2014
Exemplary Employee of the Year Award (PSC-MOE)    -2005
Teachers Quality Award by Ministry of Education-Fiji     -2002
25th Anniversary of Independence Medal                       -1995
Medal of Merit (Scouts)                                                       -1990
Long Service Decoration Award                                       -1989
Chief Scouts Commendation Award                               -1984


Systems approach towards reducing risks forms the foundation for improved performance and contributes to continued success


Practice Sustains Quality

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Sunil Kumar (Director)

Director – Pacific Education and Consultancy (PTE) Ltd.
Sunil Kumar (PhD, UQ, Australia; MA, USP; BA, USP; BSc, USP; GCED, USP. Ass. Professor of Economics, University of Fiji; Former Senior Lecturer, School of Economics, USP.
Director - Bluelight Hotel, Kaushila Holding Ltd. (Nadi Back Road, Nadi)
Mobile: (679) 9249098

A professionally committed educator, who has devoted his entire life in the field of education. He has been in the field of education for the last 35years as a high school science and mathematics teachers, tutor at the University of the South Pacific, Lecturer in Economics and also as Acting Head of School of Economics, USP. Apart from an academic, Dr. Sunil Kumar is an entrepreneur and a political activist, always putting up resistance for democratic value and freedom.

A farmer’s son, Dr. Sunil Kumar graduated from USP with BSc in Physics and Mathematics. Later after a stint as a teacher for nearly 10 years, studied economics at USP and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Economics and Mathematics. He joined USP in 1997 as a tutor in economics while studying for his Masters in Economics (MA). After completing MA in economics, Dr. Sunil Kumar enrolled in his PhD studies at the University of Queensland Australia. He completed his PhD in Economics in 2009 and since then continued to work as an academic at USP until March 2021.

Dr. Kumar has a passion for education. Soon after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic he and his team started working on establishing Pacific Education and Consultancy (PTE) Limited (PEC Tutorial School) to provide tutorial services for exam sitting students in Western Viti Levu.

The fundamental objective of establishing the PEC Tutorial School was to provide learning opportunity for Fiji’s exam sitting students who had missed school for a prolonged periods. The motivation for the venture was two folds: 1) to raise funds for the existing business (Bluelight Village Hotel) to survive the economic downturn during the COVID-19 pandemic; and 2) to fill the learning gap that our students faced due to the closure of schools for more than 3 months in early 2020 and again in 2021.

Dr. Sunil Kumar together with the founders of this educational institution intend to provide the students of Fiji a high quality learning environment where they would learn the subjects matter which enables them to pass their exams with best possible marks so as to enter into their University or tertiary institution of Choice.

We know that the students of this era are suffering due the closure of schools. This terrible pandemic should not leave our students in a ditch.

As the Director of the PEC Tutorial School, he is committed to make a difference to our student so that this pandemic does not bring them lifetime regrets. Our students should not feel deprived of their rightful education and miss the opportunity to attend the best universities of their choice.

Philosophy in Business and Work: Only Effort and Commitment makes the Difference

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